A few tips on how to spend your time in Katakolon Greece

a panoramic view of the village from our cruise katakolon private tours

Katakolon is actually a popular jumping board for a trip to the archaeological site of Olympia, the place of the old Olympic games.
After a trip of the ruins, do not miss a trip to the museum that contains a fantastic group of statuary along with pottery out of the site.

The city of Katakolon has a selection of refreshing coffee and restaurants bars along the waterfront where guests are able to relax with a pleasing, shady view.

Many items from olive trees predominate in the stores of this city. In case you want to take something for the kitchen of yours, search for the olive bowls, trays and spoons.
You are able to even locate olive timber hand carved Christmas crèches.
For added softness on the skin of yours and also the additional glow in the hair of yours, olive soap and also shampoo present the answers.

There will also be 2 new little museums at the far end of Katakolon's primary street: one dedicated to early Greek musical instruments such as for instance the reproduction of Apollo's guitar and another museum is dedicated to ancient Greek devices: clocks and also astronomy instruments.

All of the tools and machines have been hand made by the museum's curator and a fantastic method to get insight into old Greek tradition and ingenuity.
While in Katakolon, Greece, we proceeded the Ancient Museum and Olympia excursion.
We'd a pretty good drive to the Olympic site in which we had a great view of the countryside and passed from the quaint and old village.

this is our cruise from katakolon private tours

The remains at the Olympic site had been a lot more amazing than we believed they will be having only looked at photos.
Our excursion guide from katakolon private tours would have been a historian and provided us good background info about the structure as well as Greek art style.

You are able to see in the picture just how high several of the columns were, like the Temple of Zeus.
After the museum, we walked to the city that had been extremely near, and rested in an outdoor cafe in which we'd several Greek wine and a little of Greek salad as well as chicken: slouvaki, yummy!

We enjoyed observing the area from the seat of ours on the deck.